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Thematic areas of focus in broad:

 A. Child / Youth Leadership Development

1. ECD and Education Assistance

2. Psychosocial Support

3. Health and Nutrition

4. Vocational Skills Training

5. Entrepreneurial skills development.

6. Support Clubs on:

ยท          Girls Sporting programs, Leadership Training, Reproductive Health, Life skills, Health and Nutrition and access to HIV treatment.

 B. Women Empowerment Development

1.      Women support initiatives including women in sports empowerment.

2.     Livelihood and Food Security Training

3.     Home based care

 C. Community Involvement

1.      Community Awareness

2.     Lobbying and Advocacy

Family-In-Need Trust of Zimbabwe programmes focus on ten core values

  •  Participatory: - Commitment to jointly explore problems and solutions with local organisations and other stakeholders in the intervention.
  • Equity and Non-discrimination/ inclusiveness: - Work towards bridging the gap between extreme wealth and poverty.
  • Gender sensitivity: -Gender sensitive staff that raises awareness of gender imbalances and seek opportunities to redress these imbalances.
  • Rights of Access and ownership: - Work towards equitable rights of access to resources including information.
  • Sound Environment and Sustainable Development: - Ensure that interventions have sustainable benefits and improve on the quality of the environment.
  • Integrity and honesty (be truthful to the children and communities and among colleagues within the organization)
  • Confidentiality
  • Fairness/ Justice
  • Transparency
  • Love and compassion

WHO WE ARE ? Family-In-Need Trust of Zimbabwe Board of Trustees


Mr. Rogers Manuhwa Board Chair

Mr. Kumbirai Dube Board Treasurer

Mr. Jack Mukulu Bbabbie Board Member

Ms. Otilia Mbano Board Member

Ms. Jestina Kuyedza Board Secretary

Mrs. Felistus Chigovanyika Board Vice Chair


FIN Secretariat

FIN is currently run by a 6 member secretariat lead by the Director.


Takudzwa Mutami                           Interim Director

Kudakwashe Chimwadza                                      Programme Coordinator

Fyliss Fero                                     Project Officer

Luxon Makusha                                                   Finance and Administrative officer

Dannie Dhedheya                                Intern Finance and Administrative 

Pamela Marapira                                 Intern Programmes


Supported by 10 full time volunteers.



WHERE WE ARE ? The contact details are:

Family-In-Need Trust Zimbabwe (FIN)

5745 Alfred Crescent

Box 1504, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Tel +263 772 374 937 / +263 712316436

Email: [email protected]; [email protected],

Website: www.finzimbabwe.webs.com

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